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If you are looking for a pedal that is good at multitasking then you will want to check out the Empress Multidrive. This impressive gadget manages to combine distortion, overdrive, and fuzz all in one nice pedal. The nice thing is that everything is run in parallel and there are more knobs on this device than you would expect to find on a space ship – OK, that’s an exaggeration but there are a lot of knobs. All this control means that you end up with something that works like your very own mixing board.

The Empress multidrive is going to allow you to create almost endless sonic variations and this is one of those devices that you are going to want attached to your pedalboard at all times. (more...)

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The TC Electronic Hall of Fame Reverb is billed as the ultimate reverb pedal. This is quite a bold claim but when you actually examine the device there is plenty of reason to accept this as fact. This device has so many options that it makes my head spin. First of all is that the TC Electronic Hall of Fame Reverb is such a cool looking piece. It comes with an impressive selection of ten reverb types; that should be enough to suit even the most adventurous guitarist. It also comes with a custom tone print for added control on your sound. The fact that it also comes with true bypass means that none of your beautiful sound is going to be missing when it hits the speaker.

This is a beautifully designed device and you can depend on TC electronics to ensure that it has been made from quality components. (more...)

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This pedal has been introduced to commemorate the tenth anniversary of the original ODR-1 – that classic pedal with the overdrive that so many guitarists try to emulate. The Nobels ODR-1 Overdrive is a limited edition pedal and if you don’t snap one of these up you may later regret it. This is a fine way to celebrate the success of the original as this one may be even better. The most notable improvement is that it now comes with an extra boost switch – which of course means added gain. Of course the other nice thing about this pedal is that it comes with a very reasonable price sticker and this is something that has certainly helped this device become such an attractive option.

So if you are already a fan or have not yet got to experience the greatness of the original you will certainly want to check the Nobels ODR-1 Overdrive out. (more...)

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The Flashback pedal has already become a favorite with a lot of professional rockers, and when you try out this TC Electronic Flashback Delay it is easy to understand why. This pedal is a simple delay device that carries a whole lot of punch; this is the type of pedal that you want to make a permanent fixture on your pedal board. There is every type of delay available and if this wasn’t enough you can also use the TC Electronic Flashback Delay as a looper. This device allows up to a six second delay and who could want any more than this? There is also a spill over function to allow you to move smoothly between sounds. As you might expect it uses true bypass and it is made from the highest quality materials.

If you want to sound like a real pro then you will certainly want to consider this pedal. (more...)

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The Fulltone Plimsoul overdrive/distortion pedal is a more about practically than looks. It is a simple to use device that doesn’t do anything too fancy but is great at what it is designed to do. Sometimes we just want a pedal that we add to our rig and not have to get too involved with – the Plimsoul overdrive is perfect for this. If you like a bluesy sound then you will be delighted with the results you get with this pedal; it is also a good option for a bit of crunchy distortion. The real attraction to the Plimsoul though, is that you are going to be able to create a unique blend of overdriven sounds.

The fact that it has been created by Fulltone means that you can rely on it being a quality product that you will be able to enjoy for years to come. (more...)